Commercial vehicles

The advantages of the leasing conditions offered by SLC, LLC:

  • We can find the lease criteria - the term of the lease, size of the down payment, and lease-payment schedule - that are most advantageous for you.
  • You will save significant amounts of working capital since you only make an initial payment.
  • After the end of the lease term, you gain ownership of the equipment.
  • All physical assets leased from SLC, LLC may be carried on our company's balance sheet.

An offer for new clients

  • financing starting at seven million rubles
  • a lease term up to 48 months
  • rapid decisions

An offer for existing clients

  • the opening of a line of credit
  • the optimal lease terms for your business
  • You can calculate the cost of leasing the equipment you want, using our online calculator
  • Complete an application to lease the equipment you want today
  • Contact our manager for advice on leasing and selecting the best terms for you
8 800 100 32 44

By leasing commercial vehicles under the terms of SLC, LLC, our clients can quickly obtain the equipment they need at an optimal price, as well as additional services from the suppliers of the vehicles.

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