The main principles of our work

The Siberian Leasing Company, LLC works with many businesses, and each of them is unique.  This is why an inpidual approach to our business partners is fundamental to our work.  The terms offered by our company are always market-based, transparent, and easy to understand.  We can ultimately find an option that suits both parties - both your company and ours.

What we offer

We set no limits on the value of a transaction.  Any constraints are set only by the financial resources of your company.  The refundable down payment, which varies from 0% to 30% of the transaction amount, is also directly dependent on your company's ability to pay.  Currently, the annual appreciation, which is the actual cost of our services under a leasing agreement, may include:

When settling a transaction in rubles:

Lease term Size of down payment Appreciation per year
36 30% from 4.73%
36 20% from 5.39%
36 10% from 6.05%

When settling a transaction in foreign currency:

The lease term Size of down payment Appreciation per year
36 30% from 3.9%
36 20% from 4.5%
36 10% from 4.9%

The term of the lease agreement is between one and ten years, depending on the specific equipment and your company's financial position.  Payments may be submitted on a fixed or declining schedule.  In some cases, factors such as a business's seasonal fluctuations will be taken into consideration.

The parties' obligations

The Siberian Leasing Company carries its own balance sheets for the physical assets it leases.  An insurance contract is also required when physical assets are obtained under a lease agreement.  If the parties agree, those costs may be included in the lease payments.

The insurance company is chosen from a list of the leading companies in this field in the Russian Federation.  Your company may also make an independent selection of insurer by choosing the most attractive commercial terms.

Learn more

Taking into account the inpidual nature of every business, many questions arise during any transaction: how to properly set up the process for working together, what exactly is available for lease, and how to finalize a contract.  Our experts will make a careful study of your area of concern and will be able to offer you the best solutions.  Just give us a call at 8 (800) 100-32-44 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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