Stages of the transaction

Stage 1.  The preliminary agreement


To begin the approval procedure you must complete a lease application.  The form can be downloaded here, or requested in our office or by fax.  After completing the application you can return it to us by email or fax.  Along with the completed application, copies of the following documents must also be provided: a balance sheet from the business (Form 1) for the last five reporting dates and the profit and loss statement (Form 2) for the last four reporting dates.

The interview

After your application is received, one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours for a small question-and-answer interview.  Then - also within 24 hours - you will get a response from our company about the possibility of entering into a lease agreement.
Setting up a payment schedule and providing the necessary documents
If there no obstacles to entering into a lease agreement are found, you will be given a preliminary schedule of lease payments.  If this schedule is acceptable, you will need to submit a package of documents to our company (the list can be downloaded here), which will be further examined, a process that should take about a week.

The examination of the documents

During the examination process, our specialists will conduct a legal review of the documents you have provided, to determine whether the potential transaction is a safe investment.  At the end of the examination, we begin the work to conclude the lease agreement.  

Step 2.  Finalizing and executing the lease agreement

Signing the agreement

Finalizing the transfer of physical assets under a lease begins with signing the relevant contract between you and our company.  Our experts will develop the most advantageous plan for you to take possession of the physical asset.  Afterward, in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement, you will be required to make a down payment.

Acquiring the leased asset

The next step is to sign a contract for the purchase-sale or delivery of the leased asset.  This agreement must be signed by three parties.  Siberian Leasing Company will act as the buyer and shall agree to take ownership of the asset, for the purpose of further transferring it under a lease.  Accordingly, you will act as the lessee/consignee and shall accept the asset.  The third party to this contract is the seller (supplier).

The transfer of a leased asset

After receiving the asset, the Lessor and Lessee will sign the assignment of lease documents


To minimize the risk of possible loss, damage, or destruction, all of the assets transferred under a lease must be insured.  If the parties agree, those costs can be included in the lease payments.

The transfer of ownership rights at the end of the lease term

Once the lease term has ended and all the lease payments have been made, an agreement will be finalized to transfer the ownership rights to the asset at a nominal price.

Learn more

Taking into account the individual nature of every business, many questions arise during any transaction: how to properly set up the process for working together, what exactly is available for lease, and how to finalize a contract.  Our experts will make a careful study of your area of concern and will be able to offer you the best solutions.  Just give us a call at 8 (800) 100-32-44 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

The entire process of transferring physical assets under a lease is divided into several stages and is designed in such a way as to give you the chance to achieve your desired results as quickly as possible.

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