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The Siberian Leasing Company - quality and reliability

The Siberian Leasing Company, LLC has been busy providing leasing services since 2000.  We can help you lease the equipment you need now and own it later.  By leasing, you can continue to pursue the projects you have planned, at significant financial savings.

A successful business needs a solid foundation, but that takes serious investment, which can be difficult.  This is why support from a reliable business partner is so important today.

The principles behind our work

Above all, the Siberian Leasing Company, LLC is committed to taking an individual approach.  We understand that every business is unique and are able to take your wishes into account when determining the down payment, term of the lease, any seasonal adjustments, and so on.

The key to the steady operations of the Siberian Leasing Company is that, in addition to bank loans, our company also uses our own capital.  As a result, all our transactions are finalized on time and in full.

We value every client, most of which are manufacturing and transportation companies.  This is because many of our employees previously worked in industry themselves.  Because of our firsthand experience with the economic challenges that manufacturers face each day, we are better able to understand our clients and offer them the most cost-effective terms.

Facts and Figures

During our 13 years of success in the market, SLC, LLC has concluded over 7,000 lease agreements.
We offer many opportunities for lease financing throughout Russia and in all sectors of the economy.
Our portfolio of lease agreements, loans, and own assets is steadily expanding.
The biggest businesses in Russia are our regular clients.

Learn more

Taking into account the individual nature of every business, many questions arise during any transaction: how to properly set up the process for working together, what exactly is available for lease, and how to finalize a contract.  Our experts will make a careful study of your area of concern and will be able to offer you the best solutions.  Just give us a call at 8 (800) 100-32-44 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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